Data Analysis

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Optical Fiber Inspection System

Identifies defects in fiber optic material during manufacturing on a draw tower. This high resolution system uses two line-scan cameras mounted at 90 degrees to each other, each equipped with a microscope objective. High powered LED’s are used to illuminate … More details


Ball Coleman SeedView

Using advanced hardware and software, the Ball Coleman SeedView systems can measure leaf area, seedling height and chlorophyll levels all at the same time! More details


Adaptive Optics Microscope

CTI developed all the custom LabVIEW software for controlling a unique microscope which employs adaptive optics to enable orders of magnitude reduction in blurring in deep biological samples. The research behind this microscope was featured in Nature Methods, with CTI developer, Daniel Milkie, Ph.D. as one of the authors. More details

ND-3300 Fluorometer

ND-1000 & ND-8000 Spectrophotometers and ND-3300 Fluorometer

Coleman Technologies has developed numerous versions of the commercial software for these products. More details


Birefringence Imager

System for acquiring and analyzing images of birefringent materials in 96 position well plates. The system automatically controls an XY table, high resolution camera, light source, and dual polarizing wheels. More details

Confocal Microscope

Confocal Microscope

CTI, along with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania developed a confocal microscope with two photon fluorescence capability. More details

CellSpotter GUI

CellSpotter™ Cell Detection System

Collects, analyzes, and archives microscope images of specially prepared blood samples, which are then used to detect circulating caner cells. More details

Mouse conditioning system

Mouse Conditioning Tester

System allowing researchers to create, save, recall, and execute complex time dependent stimulation “recipes”, and measure physiological responses of multiple mouse test subjects. More details


Electrotechnology Laboratory Monitor

Allows for the simultaneous monitoring and logging of data from 5 test stations distributed throughout a laboratory. More details


Treadmill monitor

Collects varied physiological data from horses on a treadmill along with the treadmill speed and angle of incline. More details