Data Management


Adaptive Optics Microscope

CTI developed all the custom LabVIEW software for controlling a unique microscope which employs adaptive optics to enable orders of magnitude reduction in blurring in deep biological samples. The research behind this microscope was featured in Nature Methods, with CTI developer, Daniel Milkie, Ph.D. as one of the authors. More details

ND-3300 Fluorometer

ND-1000 & ND-8000 Spectrophotometers and ND-3300 Fluorometer

Coleman Technologies has developed numerous versions of the commercial software for these products. More details


Birefringence Imager

System for acquiring and analyzing images of birefringent materials in 96 position well plates. The system automatically controls an XY table, high resolution camera, light source, and dual polarizing wheels. More details

Gas Tester IO screen 1

Automated Gas Tester

Qualifies the purity of mixed gas cylinders using FTIR equipment, valves, flow meter/controllers and stores the analysis information to a local relational database and to a networked database server. More details

Confocal Microscope

Confocal Microscope

CTI, along with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania developed a confocal microscope with two photon fluorescence capability. More details

vial view

Robotic Vial Control System

3-axis robotic system used to pick up and relocate vials from hot to cold plates at an experimental station, containing 1280 vial positions. Up to 16 independent experiments can be run simultaneously. More details


Electrotechnology Laboratory Monitor

Allows for the simultaneous monitoring and logging of data from 5 test stations distributed throughout a laboratory. More details