Machine Control

ArcelorMittal H-HDS 12-apr

Hot Dip Simulator

Controls motion, heating, cooling and logs data from a 1/10th scale simulator of steel manufacturing facility. Uses PID control to optimize heating and cooling of steel panels. More details

Automotive Injection

Automotive Test System

A test system which reads and logs data from an automotive computer. More details

Powder Hopper

Powder Feed Control System

Controls the powder dispensing rate, heater temperature, and other functions of one or two powder feed controllers. More details


Electroplating Control System

Controls the electroplating process for semiconductor materials in a system that is easily expandable to include multiple electroplating tanks using just one computer to control the various electroplating stations. More details


4-axis Semi-rigid Cable Bender

Control system for generating complex three dimensional, high-precision bend patterns in semi-rigid cable. More details


Tube Drawing Line

Control system for the production of small diameter, thin-walled, cold drawn tubing from larger diameter mother tube. More details


Treadmill monitor

Collects varied physiological data from horses on a treadmill along with the treadmill speed and angle of incline. More details


Injection Molding Monitoring System

Monitors and logs operation of an injection molding machine. Alerts operators of fault conditions. More details