Manufacturing Test

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Optical Fiber Inspection System

Identifies defects in fiber optic material during manufacturing on a draw tower. This high resolution system uses two line-scan cameras mounted at 90 degrees to each other, each equipped with a microscope objective. High powered LED’s are used to illuminate … More details


Extrusion Visual Inspection System (EVIS)

The Extrusion Visual Inspection System (EVIS) automates the inspection and defect analysis of long rectangular extrusions, either as 6 to 8 foot long pieces (offline mode) or as one continuous extrusion (inline mode). The EVIS quantifies the magnitude of extrusion … More details


Screen Decoration Inspection System

Conveyor based system that detects defects in design and pattern of dish ware that is sent through it. More details

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Automated Gas Tester

Qualifies the purity of mixed gas cylinders using FTIR equipment, valves, flow meter/controllers and stores the analysis information to a local relational database and to a networked database server. More details


Environmental Chamber Test System

An automated test system for environmental testing of air conditioning equipment. More details

Chip Inspection

Chip Inspection System

Measures the uniformity, size, and shape, as well as searches for defects in the plating of the connectors of electronic components. Each Unit Under Test (UUT) is compared to a known good part for that particular model number. More details


Tablet Hole Inspection

Size and location of multiple hole patterns drilled into both sides of medicine tablets are inspected at a high speed on a conveyor belt. More details


Relay Testing System

Production and verification systems for testing a wide variety of relay protection devices used by the electric power industry. More details


Particle Counting System

Counts small drug-filled particles of various sizes suspended in a fluid enclosed in transparent drug vials. Offers many advanced features including: Automatic “Region of Interest” detection, Particle size rejection filters More details


Glove Box Tester

Test system for automatically opening and close car glove boxes and monitoring forces on components. System includes feature for high speed logging of unusual events. More details