Medical Device & Testing

ND-3300 Fluorometer

ND-1000 & ND-8000 Spectrophotometers and ND-3300 Fluorometer

Coleman Technologies has developed numerous versions of the commercial software for these products. More details

CellSpotter GUI

CellSpotter™ Cell Detection System

Collects, analyzes, and archives microscope images of specially prepared blood samples, which are then used to detect circulating caner cells. More details


Tablet Hole Inspection

Size and location of multiple hole patterns drilled into both sides of medicine tablets are inspected at a high speed on a conveyor belt. More details

Color tablet tracking

Tablet Coating Monitoring System

Software allows for the tracking of the velocity and exposed area of colored tablets dispersed among white tablets to monitor the mixing process of tablets during manufacturing. More details


CellTracks™ Data Acquisition

Second generation high-speed image acquisition system for acquiring images of circulating cancer cells. More details