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Optical Fiber Inspection System

Identifies defects in fiber optic material during manufacturing on a draw tower. This high resolution system uses two line-scan cameras mounted at 90 degrees to each other, each equipped with a microscope objective. High powered LED’s are used to illuminate … More details


Extrusion Visual Inspection System (EVIS)

The Extrusion Visual Inspection System (EVIS) automates the inspection and defect analysis of long rectangular extrusions, either as 6 to 8 foot long pieces (offline mode) or as one continuous extrusion (inline mode). The EVIS quantifies the magnitude of extrusion … More details

Cable test system

Cable Test System

This production test system inspects cable end connection reflections usng National Instruments high speed digitizers and pulse sources. More details


Fillstand Control System

Controls the filling and testing of ring laser gyroscopes. Allows for the simultaneous processing of 16 gyros. More details

ASIC config panel

ASIC Test System

A production-class system for functional testing of custom integrated circuits. More details


Gyro Test System

System to control the filling and testing of ring laser gyroscopes, using high-speed digital and analog test data. More details


Disaster Prevention System

This system measures and logs environmental variables at mission-critical facilities, such as phone switching network sites. If these values fall outside of tolerance at these remote facilities, alarm protocols are instantly and automatically engaged, alerting the appropriate personnel. More details


Electroplating Control System

Controls the electroplating process for semiconductor materials in a system that is easily expandable to include multiple electroplating tanks using just one computer to control the various electroplating stations. More details


4-axis Semi-rigid Cable Bender

Control system for generating complex three dimensional, high-precision bend patterns in semi-rigid cable. More details


Tube Drawing Line

Control system for the production of small diameter, thin-walled, cold drawn tubing from larger diameter mother tube. More details