Cable test system

Cable Test System

This production test system inspects cable end connection reflections usng National Instruments high speed digitizers and pulse sources. More details

ArcelorMittal H-HDS 12-apr

Hot Dip Simulator

Controls motion, heating, cooling and logs data from a 1/10th scale simulator of steel manufacturing facility. Uses PID control to optimize heating and cooling of steel panels. More details


Environmental Chamber Test System

An automated test system for environmental testing of air conditioning equipment. More details

ASIC config panel

ASIC Test System

A production-class system for functional testing of custom integrated circuits. More details


Relay Testing System

Production and verification systems for testing a wide variety of relay protection devices used by the electric power industry. More details


Magnetic Field Mapper

Acquires, analyzes, and archives 3-D mappings of magnetic field emanating from large cylindrical magnetic probes using in oil wells. Visualizations of fields can be produced from multiple angles with overlay plots from different runs for comparison. More details