Cable test system

Cable Test System

This production test system inspects cable end connection reflections usng National Instruments high speed digitizers and pulse sources. More details

ASIC config panel

ASIC Test System

A production-class system for functional testing of custom integrated circuits. More details


Gyro Test System

System to control the filling and testing of ring laser gyroscopes, using high-speed digital and analog test data. More details

Chip Inspection

Chip Inspection System

Measures the uniformity, size, and shape, as well as searches for defects in the plating of the connectors of electronic components. Each Unit Under Test (UUT) is compared to a known good part for that particular model number. More details


Photocell Production System

Controls the manufacture of photocells in a vacuum chamber. User can create, edit, and load recipes which control temperatures, times, and gas pressures of various process phases. More details


Semiconductor Deposition System

Controls a vacuum deposition system used in producing optoelectronics. The control software controls the deposition parameters via recipes, the vacuum system, and residual gas analyzer. More details


Electroplating Control System

Controls the electroplating process for semiconductor materials in a system that is easily expandable to include multiple electroplating tanks using just one computer to control the various electroplating stations. More details


Relay Testing System

Production and verification systems for testing a wide variety of relay protection devices used by the electric power industry. More details


Wafer Probing System

R & D system used to automate collection of test data taken from semiconductors. More details


Electronic Connector Test System

Production automated test system for the functional testing of electrical connectors. More details