Jim Nichols – Vice President, Operations, International Micro Ind., Inc.

“Coleman Technologies has been a great asset to International Micro Ind., Inc.  They have professionally and patiently adapted to our work environment. Their expertise in Industrial Control and the LabVIEW environment has enabled IMI to rapidly develop production tools that … More details

Christopher A. Ziano, Ph.D., PT – Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

“Our research into the control of posture in children could not have been done without the work of Dr. Coleman. He has been invaluable in the bringing of our ideas to working solutions. His LabVIEW programs have been a pleasure … More details

Mike Kagan – Vice President of Engineering, Immunicon Corporation

“Coleman Technologies has been quick to respond to our technical needs in product development. Their ability to rapidly produce instrument functionality has been critical to our success in developing diagnostic platforms.“ Mike Kagan – Vice President of Engineering, Immunicon Corporation

Charles Robertson -Technical Director, NanoDrop Technologies, Inc.

“Coleman Technologies has provided enhanced value to our product through modest priced, timely software development. They have made many good suggestions and provided superb software support through development and into commercialization.” Charles Robertson -Technical Director, NanoDrop Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Erten Eser – Associate Scientist, Institute of Energy Conversion, University of Delawar

“Such a project would have been prohibitively expensive and time consuming if it were undertaken using our internal resources. I would recommend the services of Coleman Technologies to any organization looking for rapid and high quality help for their software … More details

Robert Danehy – Senior Staff Engineer, Allied Signal Aerospace

“Coleman Technologies has demonstrated an ability to quickly supply LabVIEW solutions in a timely manner with a minimum of oversight. I would recommend them to any engineer in search of a LabVIEW solution to a complex technical problem.” Robert Danehy … More details

Khue Tran – Project Engineer, Pennsylvania Power & Light

“I found that Coleman Technologies was excellent in terms of pricing, customer services, technical competence, and project management. Coleman Technologies know their stuff so well, and they were willing to work closely with us to develop the perfect MMI design. … More details

Jeanne Ziobro, Engineer, Asea Brown Boveri Inc. (ABB)

“The work performed by Coleman Technologies provided a solution to our manufacturing operations which allowed us to double our capacity on our main product line. From the first day working with Coleman Technologies, I knew they were the right choice…” … More details

Peter D. Calvert, Ph. D. – Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SUNY Upstate Medical University

“We engaged Coleman Technologies to develop a Labview-based system to control and acquire data from a custom-built multi-photon and confocal microscope. The project was very complex – requiring detailed attention to the precise timing of control and acquisition events across … More details

Fred Dollinger, Senior Engineering Manager, Micro-Coax

“Coleman Technologies has consistently added value to our organization through successful implementation of National Instruments’ hardware and software. I would highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them on future projects”  Fred Dollinger, Senior Engineering Manager, Micro-Coax