Plate Quality Inspection System Video

Fully automated system for inspecting all surfaces of plates and bowls for surface defects, sharp edges, blisters, shape defects and warp. More details

MultiVIEW Inspection Systems

MVIS is a visual inspection system designed to efficiently inspect multiple sides of small objects. MVIS works best for objects that are 0.1 inches (2.5 mm) to 2 inches (51 mm) in size. For larger parts, please refer to CTI ConveyorVIEW Inspection Systems. MVIS works … More details

MultiVIEW Inspection System Video

This video displays operation of our highly configurable MultiVIEW Inspection System, which inspects multiple sides of small objects for defects or size intolerance and sorts passing and failing parts. More details

Speed vs. Accuracy

PerfectCount – When Speed AND Accuracy Count Speed vs Accuracy: Small Parts Size: 2 mm Speed (1/sec) Accuracy 50 99.99 100 99.98 180 99.96 260 99.94 360 99.91 470 99.89 550 99.81 700 99.57 810 99.42 950 99.27 1100 99.18 … More details

Adaptive Optics Microscope Example

System Schematic     Before and after correction images    

Light Sheet Microscope

Multi-view Light Sheet Microscope

CTI developed all the custom LabVIEW software for controlling a unique microscope which employs multiple illumination and detection arms, along with scanning light sheet fluorescence, to obtain high resolution time series images of biological samples. The research behind this microscope was featured in Nature Methods. More details