Data Acquisition

Cable test system

Cable Test System

This production test system inspects cable end connection reflections usng National Instruments high speed digitizers and pulse sources. More details

ND-3300 Fluorometer

ND-1000 & ND-8000 Spectrophotometers and ND-3300 Fluorometer

Coleman Technologies has developed numerous versions of the commercial software for these products. More details

Mouse conditioning system

Mouse Conditioning Tester

System allowing researchers to create, save, recall, and execute complex time dependent stimulation “recipes”, and measure physiological responses of multiple mouse test subjects. More details


Electrotechnology Laboratory Monitor

Allows for the simultaneous monitoring and logging of data from 5 test stations distributed throughout a laboratory. More details


Treadmill monitor

Collects varied physiological data from horses on a treadmill along with the treadmill speed and angle of incline. More details


Glove Box Tester

Test system for automatically opening and close car glove boxes and monitoring forces on components. System includes feature for high speed logging of unusual events. More details


Injection Molding Monitoring System

Monitors and logs operation of an injection molding machine. Alerts operators of fault conditions. More details


Stimulus & Response System

Applies complex stimulus voltage waveforms to biological samples, while logging and analyzing tissue response. More details