Part 11 & Data Integrity Toolkit

The Part 11 & Data Integrity Toolkit provides indispensable LabVIEW utilities for:

  • User Access Management
  • Data Encryption & Data Integrity Tags
  • Generating & Reading Activity Logs with Integrity Validation

User Access Management Features

  • Configurable password expiration time
  • Unique password & User IDs required
  • Lockout user on configurable number of failed attempts
  • Encrypted password file
  • User Access Manager (Level 10 access only) displays status of all accounts, including “locked” accounts
  • Activity log output

User Access Control Graphical User Interfaces

  • Enter User ID & Password
  • Change Password
  • User Account Manager
  • Account Setup

Data Integrity Features

  • Add Data Integrity Tags (DITs) to files or associate DITs to files or folders
  • Use Verify DIT VIs to prove that a file or group of files has not been modified since it’s creation.
  • Utilizes Public/Private Key RSA encryption – number of bits is configurable.
  • Toolset includes VIs for large integer mathematics; prime number & key generation.

Activity Log Features

  • VIs for adding all user activities to a system activity log file (ASCII text file) with DITs added to allow for detection of unauthorized log modification.
  • Activity Log Viewer – reads & verifies activity log (audit trail)The toolkit also includes an example program which demonstrates the use of the various toolkit component VIs.


PackageDescriptionPrice (USD)
P11 Standard1 license with source code. Some low level VIs password protected. Appropriate for most users.695
P11-RT11 run-time license.295
P11-RT55 run-time licenses.995
P11 Full Source1 license with source code. All diagrams exposed.1,995

Download the Part 11 & Data Integrity Toolkit flyer in pdf form.